Shipwreck (The Ringmaster)

“Starting as a carnival barker at the age of 16 Shipwreck found himself lost in the whimsical underbelly of carny life. Now he is thoroughly steeped in the tricks of the trade able to charm or mystify any rube or lady in his path or light you way with his fiery breath…”

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“You will feel a quiet inferno slowly turn blazing as you witness the tutu and checker bedecked tribal dance of the fiery Ishkaday…”

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“Critically foolish and comically flawed flow arts pieced together in a mosaic of kick up fire-flairs, hiccup recoveries and precision…”

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“You quietly feel a giggle, a slight twist of the diaphragm bends you in awe as you witness the zany, sometimes even corny, tribal dance of the flippant Toaster…”

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“The comically flawed (and most definitely flawed comically) icebreaking jester of trades Pittsburgh has had the graces of being pestered by…”

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“As fire disappears down his sleeves and aces appear in places unforeseen Joseph Kerr will have you perplexed and fixed upon his flames…”

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“Through the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative, I have begun to work with jugglers, hoop artists, fire eaters, magicians and more. For you, our audience, we have combined our expertise together to offer a more exciting and decidedly unique experience…”

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“Through his transparent gliding glass balls experience the ambient, mystical and visually enticing contact juggling. Through his the terrifying, kids-screaming, bare-handed fireball juggling you will experience the inner ahhhhh! that inspired you to seek the circus from the start…”

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“One day our aerialist Petrichor heard wire walker Philippe Petit describe planning his famous walk between the twin towers and he remarked “It’s impossible? Alright it’s impossible. So let’s begin.” 

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O’Ryan The O’Mazing

“Over the years, O’Ryan has performed for and worked with an amazing spectrum of children and adults alike, and has accumulated a great many skills with which to entertain them.”

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“Gunner LaBuff is a Pittsburgh-born writer and performance artist scattering shiny bits of litter (glitter) amongst the smog that crawls between hills in our (soon-to-be) silvery city.”

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“Impulse has found her home inside sacred circles, on the ground, on the backs of majestic horses, on the feet of others, or wherever she finds herself impulsive enough to be fancied…”

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Lorelei Lacroix

“She took up metal grinding, flow and burlesque in 2013 to add to her costume building and performance skills. If you need a dancer who can multiclass as medic/kitten/stage manager/techno weenie/SEO Wizard and/or seamstress look no further…”

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“A sound rolls out across the audient void, a colour out of space flashes in your mind’s eye. Narla Thotep appears before you in a mesmerizing illusion of light…”

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Ein Dax

“Currently, she is tackling stilt walking, lifting a 200 pound person with her feet and creature walking, all the while perfecting her clowning and tumbling techniques for children aged 0-100…”

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The offspring of a ballerina and a wizard, I delight in all types of magic and movement. I’m a ballerina turned aerialist and acro yogi, who adds a little sparkle wherever I go…

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“Reebus is a gilder of lilies, a suspender in suspenders, and a balancer, slightly off balance. A bouncer, a trouncer, a flounder, and a pouncer…”

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