Where are you based out of?
Do you only work for wedding entertainment?
Do you only perform in places where you are on stage?
When is your next show?
I've heard you do more than just work as entertainment?
An emergency has come up and I need to cancel my circus purchase. What is the policy?
How long has the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative been active?
I love your fire performances but my venue won't allow fire! What now?
You're a circus? So... Do you use animals in your act?
What sort of charities has your circus volunteered for?
What do you guys do when you're not being a circus?
I think the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative is fantastic but I live out of state! Will you travel for my event?
How do I become a member of the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative?
Do you have minimum or maximum space requirements?
How much advance time do you need in order to plan for my event?