History of the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative

In the Summer of 2016 Mike Willis, owner of the award winning Modern Era Weddings, set out amongst Pittsburgh’s creative menageries with one goal in mind, to recruit this town’s most talented circus artists and expose them to potential clients in the corporate, nightlife, and wedding industry. Hoping, further, to expand the regions viewpoint on traditional entertainment, and offer them a performance concept like no other!

Soon through their doors began to walk jugglers, acrobats, fire performers, magicians, stilt walkers, aerialists, samba dancers, tight rope walkers and myriads more.

Performers who, until this moment, orbited as distant objects in each other’s lives came crashing into a shared point of connected creativity. The jugglers began to climb the acrobats. The magicians made our props disappear. The aerialists were on stilts and the stilt walkers were flying in the aerialist’s silks. The fire performers spat flames over the heads of hoop artists. A new family of circus performers had emerged.

As the months passed The Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative grew into the comprehensive group of performers you find here today. We once dreamed of throwing a circus themed event and could not have imagined that stemming from that single thread would be woven the tapestry of Pittsburgh’s finest performers.

Performers who grew to collaborate as the La Hora Loca Wedding entertainment package who found quickly their services were desired for other events such as birthdays, nightlife, corporate events, fundraisers and benefits. Performers who as individuals and as a collective are presented to you here as hired entertainers, teachers and workshop leaders.

We are honored, enthralled and passionate to begin the personal circus entertainment experience that awaits you with The Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative!!!

Like Nothing

You Have Ever Seen

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